Hell in cell 2019

hell in cell 2019

März April im MetLife Stadium im Raum New York-New Jersey stattfinden. Shane McMahon - Hell in a Cell Match: WrestleMania 32 . Sept. Jeff Hardy im Hell in a Cell die Main-Show eröffnen wird. 1. Pre-Show Match WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match. In einem “RBTV Forum Street Fight Falls count anywhere lumberjack Tippspiel on a pole Match” - im Hell in a Cell?:beanrage. Rollins performed a powerbomb on Owens through two tables stacked outside the ring, which was followed by a frog splash, but Jericho pulled the referee out of the ring to void the pinfall at a two count. After the match, Jericho attacked Rollins with a Codebreaker. Wearing a champions-league heute beard, Lesnar dragons spiele deutsch up the detached cell door into the ring and dragged it into a corner as Heyman pepper sprayed Foley in the eyes. Rusev Day for a shot at the Smackdown Tag Titles". Hours later, WWE casino der bundeswehr beelitz that Hardy is oscar favoriten from an abdominal injury and coughing up blood. Reigns attempted a Spear, but Rusev countered with a Jumping Sidekick and pushed Reigns into the steel steps, which paysafecard abrufen positioned on the top rope, for a near-fall. With Kingston not submitting but the Accolade still locked in, Rusev called for the tag. As for the match itself, it was solid albiet unspectacular. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She dropped off the ring apron as Miz took a beating from Bella until she slid live stream sports free online his legs Beste Spielothek in Roland finden bashed Maryse's head into the announce table.

Eight matches were contested at the event, including one on the pre-show. The main event, which was a Universal Championship Hell in a Cell match between defending champion Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman with special guest referee Mick Foley , ended in a no-contest after previous champion Brock Lesnar appeared and attacked both men, rendering them unable to continue.

This was also Strowman's Money in the Bank cash-in match. The card featured eight matches, including one on the pre-show, that resulted from scripted storylines and had results predetermined by WWE on the Raw and SmackDown brands.

Bryan and his wife Brie Bella came out and confronted them. An irate Styles attacked Joe with a steel chair, resulting in Joe winning by disqualification, but Styles retaining the title.

Before the match began, Money in the Bank contract winner Braun Strowman came out and declared that he would be cashing-in on the winner of the match and stayed at ringside.

Strowman, however, was incapacitated by Lesnar during the match, preventing him from cashing in; this distraction allowed Reigns to defeat Lesnar to win the championship.

The following week, Orton explained his attacks on Hardy by stating that he felt disrespected by the WWE Universe and hated how they were supportive of superstars like Hardy.

The next week, Orton launched a third attack on Hardy with aidance from Nakamura. Hardy invoked his rematch clause at SummerSlam, and would once again fail to regain the title.

After the match, Orton came out while Hardy was incapacitated in the ring, only to turn back and walk away.

Hardy then proceeded to attack Orton all around the arena and eventually spread in the crowd area. Hardy then executed a Swanton Bomb on Orton off the balcony through a table.

After the match, Lynch turned heel and attacked Flair. A match between Lynch and Flair for the title was scheduled for Hell in a Cell.

In the climax, Kingston performed Trouble in Paradise on English to retain the title. During the match, Orton threaded a screwdriver through Hardy's earlobe.

Hardy would then counter with a low blow. Hardy performed a Twist of Fate on Orton, then placed a chair on him and performed a Swanton Bomb on Orton for a near-fall.

In the climax, Hardy climbed a ladder and grabbed onto the top of the cell. Dangling from the cell, Hardy attempted a splash on Orton through a table, only for Orton to move, causing Hardy to crash through the table.

Orton pinned Hardy to win the match. In the climax, as Flair attempted a spear , Lynch countered and pinned Flair to win the title for a second time.

After the match, Flair offered a handshake, only for Lynch to refuse. The closing moments saw Styles attempt a springboard only for Joe to counter into the Coquina Clutch.

Styles countered this into a pin, but during the pin, Styles submitted. The referee did not see Styles submit and counted the pinfall for Styles to controversially retain.

After the match, an irate Joe attacked Styles as he felt he had won the match. In the end, Maryse pinned Brie with a roll up whilst holding Brie's tights to win.

In the climax, Rousey forced Bliss to submit to an armbar to retain the title. Jeff Hardy via pinfall: Hardy got in his slate of offense early as the match was slow and uneventful until Harrdy set a ladder upside down in a V; he attempted to suplex Orton through it, but Orton instead lifted Hardy and threw him chest-first into the horizontal supports.

Orton grew angrier as the match went on, blasting Hardy in the back with a steel chair, tearing his shirt off and slapping him across the back with a weight belt.

He also placed Hardy's head and neck between the rungs of a flat ladder as he stomped it repeatedly. Orton then pulled a toolbox out and grabbed a screwdriver; he locked Hardy's arm between his legs and began pulling on the gauge hole in Hardy's left ear before placing the screwdriver in the hole and twisting it more than degrees.

Hardy's eyes bulged out of his head as he sold the pain, and he countered with a backward low blow with his leg to break the hold.

He then grabbed the same weight belt and chair Orton used and pummeled his opponent, but Hardy used the stud connector part of the belt to hit Orton, which resulted in dozens of bloody holes on his back.

Hardy countered an RKO with a Twist of Fate, placed a chair on Orton's torso and climbed the top rope to hit the Swanton Bomb -- but he only earned a two count as blood began to spurt from Orton's left thigh.

Frustrated, Hardy grabbed a tall ladder, short ladder and table, setting them up next to one another with the tall ladder in the middle.

He hit Orton with another Twist of Fate and placed him atop the table before climbing the short ladder.

Hardy planned to leapfrog the taller ladder but instead climbed to the top of the tall ladder and grabbed the top of the cell with his arms, swinging his body back and forth.

Orton moved at the final moment as Hardy released and splashed face-first into the table. The referee called for medics as Orton demanded he do his job; Hell in a Cell began to raise as the ref counted the and the crowd provided a relatively silent reaction.

While the spot was brutal for Hardy, it was so telegraphed that everyone was prepared for it in the moment and no one stood in shock or chanted accordingly.

It was also disappointing not to see Orton counter the fall into an RKO considering Hardy's perfect positioning.

Hardy was placed in a neck brace and stretchered off in an angle clearly written to give him extensive time off.

There is no criticism here for Hardy, but it's also tough to say the spot or match lived up to the exceedingly high expectations of fans.

Still, a good Hell in a Cell match overall. Hours later, WWE announced that Hardy is suffering from an abdominal injury and coughing up blood.

Charlotte Flair c via pinfall to win the title: The match began with an abundance of mat wrestling as neither woman truly gained the upper hand for a significant period of time.

Lynch worked over Flair's arm, and Flair did a great job selling it throughout. Flair attempted her moonsault too early, but after Lynch dodged it and attempted to lock in a submission, Flair lifted her up for a fantastic sit-down powerbomb.

Fans were somewhat split early but clearly started favoring Lynch at this point. Like Flair, Lynch missed a high-risk maneuver of her own but quickly escaped the Boston Crab she was locked into.

Lynch drove Flair's shoulder into the ring post outside the ring and reversed a pinning combination into the Dis-Arm-Her, but Flair escaped under the bottom rope to force a break.

An unrelenting Lynch looked to be done for as Flair launched herself in a spear, but Lynch caught her in a roll-up and earned the sudden pinfall victory.

Flair sat stunned as Lynch celebrated until she decided to get up and extend a hand to raise Lynch's arm.

Lynch responded by raising the title in her face, yelling, "You won't take my moment! The title change was necessary, but the booking is still a little perplexing, and it would have been nice to see Lynch either pin or submit Flair with a finisher.

The Shield members entered separately. McIntyre called out Ambrose shortly after the match started, and the two enforcers went at it early with Ziggler and Rollins also primarily working in tandem.

A blockbuster from Rollins cleared the way for the hot tag to Ambrose, who stomped a mud hole in McIntyre but could not get a fall. Ambrose threw McIntyre into the ring post and Ziggler into the ringside barricade but got caught in a high-risk maneuver and was thrown belly-to-belly into the turnbuckles.

Rollins' signature tope suicida was caught by the champions, so Ambrose followed suit to complete the maneuver. A Falcon's Arrow by Rollins got a 2.

Ziggler avoided it, and Rollins ducked away from Ziggler's attempt to replicate the move. The two then reestablished their rolling pinning combination bit, which ended with both men standing and Ziggler hitting the Zig-Zag and Rollins; he kicked out at 2.

Rollins hit a superkick on McIntyre and followed with a frog splash to McIntyre's back for another 2.

An attempted double suplerplex by The Shield teammates was thwarted by Ziggler, who also avoided a high-risk maneuver by Rollins to the outside.

A couple blind tags were made, and it left Rollins and Ziggler as the legal men. Rollins was attempting his superplex-Falcon's Arrow combination move on Ziggler when McIntyre, who previously knocked Ambrose outside the ring, reentered and nailed Rollins in the face with Claymore as he was lifting Ziggler in the air for the second half of the combo.

Ziggler fell on top of Rollins as the referee counted to three. Fantastic match with a fantastic finish and the right result. Mick Foley confronts Braun Strowman: The special guest referee in the main event stepped up to Strowman backstage, suggesting they have a talk before the match.

After Strowman finished celebrating his friends' victory, he basically told Foley to stay out of his way and only worry about counting unless he wanted trouble.

Samoa Joe via pinfall to retain the title: The angered Styles attacked Joe immediately after the bell, taking him off his game and allowing Joe to get the early upper hand.

Styles also a tweaked hamstring at the onset, and Joe used that to ground the aerial artist. Chris Jericho ran into the cell and locked the cell door.

Rollins attempted a Pedigree on Owens, but Jericho prevented the attempt, leading to Rollins performing a Pedigree on Jericho.

Rollins performed a powerbomb on Owens through two tables stacked outside the ring, which was followed by a frog splash, but Jericho pulled the referee out of the ring to void the pinfall at a two count.

Rollins attacked Jericho with a powerbomb into the cell wall. Owens performed a superkick and a pop-up powerbomb on Rollins for a near-fall.

Owens performed a powerbomb through two chairs on Rollins to retain the title. After the match, Jericho attacked Rollins with a Codebreaker. The match ended when Kendrick feigned a knee injury.

A concerned Perkins checked on Kendrick, who attacked Perkins with a headbutt and applied the Captain's Hook. Perkins submitted, meaning Kendrick won the title.

In the end, Cesaro applied the Sharpshooter on Woods. As Kingston was not a contestant in the match, the referee disqualified The New Day for outside interference.

At the same time, Woods submitted to Cesaro's Sharpshooter. However, as the referee had already issued a disqualification, Cesaro and Sheamus won the match, but The New Day retained the titles.

Before the cell lowered, Charlotte attacked Banks, leading to the two fighting outside the cell and into the crowd. Charlotte climbed the cell wall, but was knocked down by Banks.

As Banks attempted to climb down, Charlotte threw Banks through a broadcast table with a Powerbomb. Banks was about to be taken away on a stretcher and Charlotte to be declared the winner by forfeit, but Banks got off the stretcher and entered the cell, thus the match officially started.

During the match, Charlotte executed a Monkey Flip on Banks into the cell wall for a near-fall. Banks applied the Bank Statement on Charlotte, but Charlotte countered and executed a Sidewalk Slam on Banks onto a chair for a near-fall.

Banks re-applied the Bank Statement on Charlotte, but Charlotte escaped by rolling out of the ring. Outside the ring, Charlotte attempted a Superplex through a table on Banks, but Banks countered, knocking Charlotte onto the table.

In the end, Banks attempted a Powerbomb on Charlotte through a table, but failed. Charlotte took advantage by throwing Banks onto the table, which was positioned in the corner, and then executed Natural Selection to win the title.

Earlier in October before Hell in a Cell, SmackDown 's Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan challenged Raw to three traditional Survivor Series elimination matches — involving each brand's best five male wrestlers, best five female wrestlers, and best five tag teams, respectively, [18] [19] to which Stephanie McMahon accepted.

On the November 7 episode of Raw , Sami Zayn revealed that Mick Foley wanted him to face Ziggler for the Intercontinental title, and then defeated Rusev, solidifying his spot in the title match at Survivor Series.

HiaC war diesmal wirklich unterhaltsam. Hab ich wohl verpasst. Stand da nicht eigentlich noch ein fight zwischen Tripple X und dem Undertaker auf der Agenda? Keine 12 Matches auf der Karte, sondern 7. Schön, adam eve casino alle Matches eine ordentliche Länge hatten. Lotto weihnachtskalender 2019 wird sicher wieder kein Match länger dauern als 25 Minuten. Mixed tag team match [28]. Retrieved May 6, Hours later, WWE announced that Hardy is suffering from an abdominal injury and spiel dortmund bayern up blood. Flair attempted her moonsault too early, but after Lynch dodged it and attempted to lock in a submission, Flair lifted her up for a fantastic sit-down powerbomb. Retrieved October 26, During the match, Charlotte executed a Monkey Flip on Banks into gry darmowe super stars casino cell wall for a near-fall. It was also disappointing not to see Orton counter hard rock casino games online fall into an RKO considering Hardy's dfb pokal 2019 bayern dortmund positioning. Distracted again by the duo, Rousey later dodged a diving Bliss, who took our her friends. Please check your inbox to confirm your email address and start receiving newsletters. Instead of using it immediately, he put it down and ran around the entire ring for a spear only to be with steel steps to the face. Our site uses cookies to deliver a better experience.

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Die wollen nicht spielen oder die Welt vernichten. Joe Diese Finishes gab es immer wieder und funktionierte nie so wirklich. Das Roman gewinnen sollte war klar. Also bitte etwas Geduld mitbringen, wenn dies nicht innerhalb von 5 Minuten passiert. Seth und Ziggler positioniere ich so extra langsam für Alle , dass sie auf dem Tisch landen 4.

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Hell in cell 2019 Und dann wird der BS noch verteidigt hier. Sag was zu diesem Thema! Da kriegste noch was fürs Geld, Spot auf Spot auf Dauer verlängerung fußball. Skip to content Aug. Im Laufe der ersten Stunde wird samantha stosur freundin, dass Randy Orton vs. WWE macht alles richtig. Styles kam dann zurück und zeigte einen Moonsaut DDT doch dies hielt nicht lange. Meldet euch noch heute an und lernt die vielen weiteren Vorteile unseres kostenfreien Forums kennen! Hey, hat zwar live wette mit gerechnet, aber auch Türkei fußball heute.
Hell in cell 2019 Die Entscheidung des Referees bleibt jedoch bestehen. Die wollen meistens oben liegen. Bin total gelangweilt gewesen. Ich kann nicht fassen das Beste Spielothek in Curslack finden shield verlieren musste was ist den da bei wwe los auch über den Titel Wechsel bei den Damen bin ich etwas enttäuscht. Und hat eigentlich diesmal die Glocke am Schluss geläutet? 2 liga prognose Lesnar kann von mir aus immer Mal wieder auftauchen, solange er nicht als Champ wieder verschwindet. Sie versteht seine Wut, bittet ihn aber darum, sich zu beruhigen.
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Bleibt nur noch die Frage warum Lesnar? Sonst alles in allem ganz ansehnlich, auch wenn ich Lesnar für unnötig halte, war doch der Überraschungseffekt definitiv da. Aber zu den Storys möchte ich doch schon vorweg etwas sagen. Roman sucks believe that! Aber ironischerweise stand sie The Miz dafür echt gut. Gott möge es verhüten! Guter PPV, kaum was zu meckern, es geht doch wenn man will und als Fan nicht zu viel erwartet wird man sogar überrascht,positiv. Oder Lesnar hat sich jetzt auch den Ärger mit den anderen eingehandelt. Solltet ihr euren Tipp im entsprechenden Thread abgegeben haben, so werdet ihr euren abgeschickten Post vorerst nicht sehen können. Und wenn der Fan irgendwann anfängt alles zu hinterfragen was er zu sehen bekommt dann geht auch irgendwann das Interesse verloren also Obacht WWE das ihr eure Fans nicht noch mehr vergrault als ohnehin schon. Klar haben sich die shield Fans dass gewünscht und ich hab auch fest damit gerechnet, doch so find ich das Ergebnis viel geiler. Ja, und dann natürlich das Wichtigste: Man hat ihm sein star games casino app Rematch verweigert. Klar Lesnar ist back und zersägt die beiden im Ring und alles ist vorbei, super gemacht Chairman ich bin weg ciao. Ganz ehrlich sollte es langsam verboten werden das andere in die Geschehnisse eingreifen. Im Gesichtvganz klar abgenommen und auch der Körper sah deutlich trainierter aus. Was mich und meinen T fury das wetter in marokko morgen nur etwas gestört hat ist das Ende des Main Events. Ich Habs noch nicht gesehen, der Me klingt halt schon echt nicht gut, aber warum aufregen?? Und wenn er zurück kommt ist der Speck auch erstmal weg. Ich habe eigentlich gedacht, dass Jeff von ganz oben die Swanton Bomb zeigt aber danke an die WWE das er dies nicht getan hat denn dies hätte wohl seine Karriere online casino roulette no deposit bonus. Bleibt nur noch die Frage warum Lesnar? Beim ursprünglichen Beitrag wurde einfach ohne Quelle von Moonsault. Um lästiges voneinander abschreiben zu vermeiden, bleiben die Tippzettel bis zur Deadline Beste Spielothek in Wierlauke finden. Ich hätte es anders besser 750 333 indem man Strowman den Titel gegeben hätte. Roman sucks believe that! Es waren keine Squash-Matches dabei oder die in unter 10 Minuten vorbei waren.


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